Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Stranger Things?????

Oh Boy!  Smarty has been getting messages all night from the upside down.
Is it Barb or Will?
Hope he can use some Christmas magic to save them!!!

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Gag me with a spoon!!

Smarty and his friend Woody decided to play a game of bean boozled tonight.  
Smarty was hoping for peppermint but he got "moldy fruitcake" flavor.  
Woody was hoping for pizza flavor but got "play doh" flavor.
Whatever your day brings, I hope it is better than moldy fruitcake!

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Monday, November 28, 2016

It's 5 o'clock somewhere......

Smarty is planning on taking full advantage of all of the cyber Monday deals.  He's ready to start the day with a glass of milk and some nutella.  After all, it's Five O'clock somewhere!!!


p.s. you can find an elf size jar of nutella at Target (where else?)

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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Christmas Tree Farm?

Looks like Smarty is on the hunt for a Christmas tree for his family, BUT it seems he is visiting the wrong tree farm.  I don't think a Reese's Tree will last throughout the holidays!  Poor Smarty, I hope his family gets their tree up soon!!


Saturday, November 26, 2016

Sexiest ELF Alive!!!!

What a a great accomplishment for Smarty the Elf!  He's made it on the cover of People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive issue.  I bet all of the other Elves will be a bit jealous.  

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Friday, November 25, 2016

Gone to the Beach.....

Smarty needed a little time to relax at the beach today.  Whew, being an elf is stressful  
Now he's got sandy toes and a sun kissed nose to get him through the holiday season. Hope you can enjoy the day today and all that it brings.

p.s. need your own mermaid tail?  
You can purchase one here from this fantastic etsy shop:

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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Guess who's back?

I don't know about you but the holidays are creeping up on me a little too quickly.   I haven't done any holiday shopping or planning BUT I have wasted an awful lot of time on Pinterest this week.  I think that this year is going to be the ultimate in "winging it"........speaking of wings, I hope that you eat plenty of turkey with all of the fixing' today.  

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Shhhhhh, this year I've enlisted the help of my 10 year old in creating the scenes.  We have already had a lot of fun together and I am excited to see what we come up with!


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Heeeeeyyyyyy Joe.......

Okay, admit've been laughing way too hard at all of the #BidenMemes.  Smarty apparently has a little too much free time on his hands and he's created some too.  He'll be back soon but until then I hope he can stay off of Santa's naughty list!!!

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