Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Underachiever? Yes, indeed!

This is a great post from Baby Rabies! I create the scenes and photos for Smarty the Elf and I love to post them daily. My kids enjoy seeing Smarty's antics. They tell their friends about it and take pictures of him to school. Here's the thing, I am FAR FROM an overachieving mom. If you had a sneak peak into my laundry room right now you would shudder in horror. I am not good at baking cookies or decorating cupcakes. Our house might be a little messy but I am creating memories for my kids that I think they will remember for a really long time. No matter if your elf hides in the same place every night or just moves to a different spot, your kids will remember and they will love you no matter where the elf lands. Make your own path, do your own thing, live in the moment.  ‪#‎elfontheshelf‬

Baby Rabies
9 hrsEdited
‪#‎ProTip‬ If you're planning to do the Elf On The Shelf this year, here are some things to remember.
1. He doesn't have to be there all of December (ours shows up for 12 days now... if that).
2. He doesn't have to bring anything to your kids.
3. He sure as hell doesn't need a pet.
4. Or a girlfriend
5. He doesn't have to repel down from your ceiling
6. Or have a snowball fight
7. Other elves that are repelling or having snowball fights that show up in your Facebook feed should not have the power to make you feel like less of a parent. That's on you.
8. He can go home early
9. He can not show up at all, if that makes your life easier.
11. Make this month about what makes you happy. That may or may not involve an elf. THAT'S YOUR CALL and whatever you choose is okay.


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