Monday, November 9, 2015

Getting Excited for Smarty!!!

The kids told me today that they are NOT looking forward to Thanksgiving or Christmas.  "What?" I asked,  "Why?"

My 9 year old remarked that she was only looking forward to the return of Smarty the Elf.  That makes my heart happy.  So many days I feel like I am a bad mom, like I am really screwing up these kids, like I can do so much better.  I googled Smarty tonight and found him/his photos on a couple of blogs this week.

I have SO much fun with this.  I am so glad the kids look forward to it.  For all of you moms out there who feel they are failing or just not good enough, I guarantee you are selling yourself short.  There's something that you do for your kids that is so special to them, something they will remember forever.   So keep being the awesome mom that you are!


Check out Smarty's featured photos here:


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  1. You are an AMAZING mom, wife, woman, friend, person, and pharmacist! Don't even doubt it for a minute!


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