Tuesday, September 1, 2015


I've had this craft in my Pinterest ideas folder for quite some time now.  I needed a project to work on and a cheap, fun craft for my 9 year old to help me with.  I found several photos of this plate but no real tutorial so I thought I would show you how easy it can be to make.

Supplies needed:
Sharpie markers  (bold or metallic colors work best)
Round or Square white ceramic plate (I found mine at the Dollar Tree, yep just $1)
Acetone nail polish remover
Paper towels

First, I went to the depths of my basement stash and located this doodling book that I purchased on clearance recently plus I did a quick pinterest search for a cute font.   I have okay handwriting but wanted the font on the plate to be nice and neat.  My daughter and I found an awesome tutorial about printing out the lettering on your printer, transferring the font to the plate via carbon paper and then tracing the pretty printed font with a Sharpie marker.  WHAT???
"Ain't nobody got time for that"  So we decided to wing it.  

I really like the round plates best, especially since we decided on the winging it approach.  You don't have to worry about getting the font in the middle of the plate and the inner circle of the plate makes a great guide for keeping everything centered.  Here is the full poem.  I have located many versions on Pinterest and you could certainly change or adapt the wording to your liking.  I like the sing-song of this version best.  

So let's just say that you're winging it like me and you make a mistake....NO WORRIES.  Break out the acetone nail polish remover and put a little bit on a paper towel.  Apply to the area of mistake and voila, mistake erased.  

I am not a very adept artist so I googled "simple doodles" and found some cute ideas.  You can really personalize your plate by using something that your recipient likes.  Butterflies, ladybugs, wine.....whatever.  After I finished the poem on the front and the doodles I turned the plate over and wrote "hand wash only" on the back of the plate.  

I used a doodle to match the front of the plate just to make it a little cutesy.  

After adding the message on the back of the plate you are basically finished.  The last thing that you need to do is to bake the plate in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.  This will "set" the Sharpie so that it will no longer be easily removed with acetone.  (Note that I say easily removed....if you scrub hard enough and long enough you can still remove the marker with acetone.  But again who has time for that?)  Fill plate with cookies or candy or whatever and gift it to someone you like.  

 A couple of things I learned:
1.  Using dark color or metallic markers works best.  When you bake the plate the lighter colors tend to turn a different shade.  Yellow becomes brownish, orange becomes red, pink becomes orange.  
2.  There are a few tutorials that indicate using a paint pen Sharpie thing makes the ink really permanent, like it can go through the dishwasher permanent.  I have not tried this.  I don't really like those pens because you have to keep shaking them.  I find them hard to use and sloppy.  
3.  People actually sell these on Etsy for like, 15-25 bucks.....they cost only a dollar to make people!! 
4.  You can't really mess this up.  Your neighbor or friend or co-worker will marvel at your ability to create such a cute, thoughtful gift.  

I plan on starting early for the holidays and making quite a few of these plates to gift to people at our church.  What are you waiting for??????

xoxo, Amy



  1. I see you posted this a little over a year ago. I am going to try this for the first time today. Have you or anyone you have heard from tried the paint markers yet? I want to make one I saw on pintrest that has Christmas lights drawn on so I need the colors to stay the same. Y''ll did a really good job.

    1. Thanks! We did not try the paint markers but I have seen tutorials where they use them. I bet you could use a black sharpie for the words in the middle of the plate, bake it first and then after it cools. use the paint markers along the outside. Unfortunately, the sharpie colors do darken up a bit after baking. Have fun! -Amy XOXO

  2. Question if I used the carbon paper and traced it will it wipe off after I bake the plate? I have a few trace lines outside the lettering. Thank you


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