Monday, August 24, 2015

Finding Friends

I found this great church last year.  I mean, really great.  Their motto is LOVE GOD, BLESS PEOPLE.  How awesome is that?  I've been to a few services in my adult life, but I really never "attended" church since college.   I forgot how much I missed a weekly church family and how much I needed it in my life.  Yesterday we had a friend day at church and my pastor asked me to speak about finding a friend at church.  Here is my testimony:

Soooo..... Pastor Ken asked me to say a few words about finding a friend at Prince of Peace.  Since school started this week I asked my kids what they do to find a new friend at school.  My 8 year old son said it's easy, you just play with them and then get their phone number so you can have a sleepover.  It seems so easy to make friends when you're little.  But as I get older it seems a little more intimidating to meet new people we've all got a little bit of baggage and it's hard to really put yourself out there and open up to someone brand new.  Last year my life hit a bit of a snag and my husband, my kids and myself were all a little bit broken inside.  We needed help and we needed hope.  Pastor Ken was my husband's teacher in middle school and we were led to Prince of Peace.  I didn't know anyone when I first came here, not one single person, but I immediately felt at home so I kept coming back.  As the weeks passed I met new people and began to put my name on the connection card to volunteer for things.  I realized that each time I helped with a project I was really helping myself.  I was meeting new people and had some really great conversations.  My son was right, I was playing with my new friends.  I really started to look forward to Sunday mornings because every week I felt a little more comfortable and talked more and more with these new friends.  I even started to get some friend requests on Facebook....yay for new friends...and then I traded actual phone numbers with people. My son was right, I was getting phone numbers......Although I haven't had any sleepovers with my new friends I have found acceptance and support and guidance from my new friends at Prince of Peace.  I have met so many people here who have such compassion for others and who are doing really great things.  These new friends inspire me to be a better person and an even better friend.  Without them and without Prince of Peace, I honestly don't know where my broken little family would be today.  

Finding God (again) has really changed the trajectory of my life.  Every week, I feel like I'm healing a little bit and that I'm helping my kids to see the graciousness of others. 
xoxo, Amy


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