Sunday, July 26, 2015

5 things husbands can learn from dogs......

I love my dog.  We never had animals when we were growing up and in my adult life I always had cats.  I certainly thought I was a cat person, that is, until we got a dog.  Sometimes my husband will jokingly (I think) say that I like the dog much more than I like him.  While this is certainly not true there are some things that husbands can learn from dogs........

1.  After a long day at work the dog is ALWAYS there to greet me when I walk in the door.  It makes me feel loved when he's waiting for me to come home.  Fellas: Look up from your phone or your guy-pad or your xbox and say "hello wife, how was your day today" when she walks in the door.

2.   The dog eats whatever I put in front of him.  Noodles, dog food, ice cubes, milk-bone biscuits, burnt grilled cheese.....whatever.  Fellas: If your wife cooks dinner for you, eat it.  You don't have to like it, you just have to eat it.

3.  When my dog barks, I know that he needs something.  A loud "WOOF" and I know that he needs to be let outside, a smaller "woof, woof" and I know he is ready for bed.  Fellas: Your wife doesn't always know what you need.  Sometimes you have to bark really loudly.  We can't read your sure you tell us if you are unhappy or upset.  We will listen and we might even let you go outside.

4.  The dog likes to snuggle with me on the couch.  He always sits close to me wherever I am.  He even sleeps at my feet.  Fellas: Your wife likes a little attention.  Sit next to her on the couch or give her a kiss or hug.  Let her know you are always beside her, no matter what.

5.  Whenever I want to make sure the dog doesn't get into something that he shouldn't,  I leave him in his crate.   He doesn't bark or complain, he just waits for me to come back and let him out of the crate. would be wrong to suggest putting your husband in a crate.....wouldn't it?

Okay so we can just call this article 4 things husbands can learn from dogs........



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