Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Pulling Weeds

Each spring I look out in my flowerbeds and see so many weeds. Though the winter has been cold they’ve survived and they are still growing. Pesky little things, weeds. If you don’t pull them out they’ll continue to grow and eventually take over your flowerbeds. So I try to spend an hour or two in the spring pulling weeds to make sure my other plants can thrive.

I was thinking today that life is a lot like my spring flowerbeds. I have some pesky weeds in my life that I need to pull.  I need for GOOD things to take root and grow.  Pulling weeds is a chore that many hate to do.  As you look at the weeds in your garden this spring, take a good, long look at your life.  Many relationships, many friendships, many chores and tasks need tossed in the yard waste.  Spring is a good time to start over.  Take stock of what is really important in your life.  Pull those pesky weeds and plant beautiful bulbs instead.


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