Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Challenge Accepted!!

 Smarty the Elf was challenged today by Franklin the Elf at #busykidshappymom to complete the #elfbucketchallenge and he accepted the challenge with jingle bells on!!   You can find the post here.....

I LOVE this idea!  Throughout the summer so many people participated in the ice bucket challenge for ALS and it was really great to see all of the videos in my Facebook feed.  Here are the rules from #busykidshappymom:

1.  Get your Elf into the challenge.   Take his picture and share it on Facebook or Twitter and tag it with #elfbucketchallenge and #ToysforTots
2. Donate to your favorite charity or Toys for Tots.  Any donation counts.
3.  Spread the word.  Tag other friends and other elves.  Share how you’re giving back.  Follow hashtags:  #elfbucketchallenge, #ToysforTots, #busykidshappymom
4.  Toy Clean Out – Donate your gently used toys, books, and clothes.  Get your kids to participate.  This is the best time of year to clear out and donate to a local hospital, school, or charity.
5.  Encourage Your Kids to Give.  Share, smile, love, laugh, and be kind!
Nothing makes me feel better than giving back to others.  It's as easy as cleaning out your closets and taking the items to your church or school.  Have some spare change in your car or the bottom of your bag?  Dump it in one of the red salvation army buckets on your way into the grocery.  Did your child receive a birthday gift this year that never quite got opened?  Place it into one of the Toys for Tots bins in your neighborhood.  Together we can do so many good things this Holiday season!
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