Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Oh no! Not THAT lollipop hammer!

Like most of you, my phone is with me at all times.  It serves as a calculator, flashlight, alarm clock and even a compass.  It even has a time warp app, better known as CANDY CRUSH.  I thought that only my kids could get addicted to video games, but it turns out adults can fall prey too.  The sound of those candies dropping creates a wonderful escape from the pressures of the day.  Send a life, get me to the next episode, get extra moves....this is how we should operate in real life.  Helping all of our Facebook friends to make it to the next day.  

What a great life lessons you have given us, candy crush.  
1. be giving, good things will come your way
2. share with others, help them to unlock the pleasures you have already received
3. you failed?  it's okay, press on
4. never, ever, ever quit....there is always another episode


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