Friday, November 29, 2013

Don't eat the yellow snow......

I always thought of myself as more of a Reindeer person, but ever since my family got a dog, I realized that I like dogs much better.  They are easier to walk and you don't have to worry about getting a face full of antlers.  

I thought I would start my own doggy day care business, but, whew - these dogs are lots of hard work.  I guess that's why Santa sticks with Reindeer for pets.  

Have a great day!




  1. How do you get your Elf to stand? Thanks!

  2. Yes, how do you get the elf to stand??

  3. I attempted this tonight because I thought it was so cute. I wired my elf last year and made Masori a felt jumper overall outfit (a link to one way to wire elves here)
    However his waste still fell forward so I wrapped a few pieces of white (to blend with outfit) pipe cleaner around his waste to make it ad stable as I could. I put my elf on on carpet. I put a small piece of the rough side of velcro on the bottom of his feet after I bent them. I had to lean him back a little and position the animal so they did not pull him forward. It’s only been about 10 min now but he is still standing. :) Will have to see if he lasts until morning.
    I’m not sure how to put pics or I would.

  4. Update: he stayed standing all night!!😀


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