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Bright Pink Cleveland joins #DirtyGirlNation

Dirty Girl Cleveland 2013

I've done plenty of running in the past few years but I have to admit that this whole mud race thing was not really at the top of my list of races to try, but recently the Dirty Girl Mud Run partnered with my fav non-profit, Bright Pink, so I had to do it.   However, I was very skeptical that I would actually enjoy doing it.  I mean, after reading this blog I was worried about getting mud all up in my "hoo ha" as the author termed it.  Then, Noelle sent me this article about some tough mudders being not so tough against a bout of norovirus.   Sooooo when I woke up this morning and looked at the radar, I was even more leery of today's race.

Radar for the land of Cleve
Dark clouds at the race venue
Thanks to Betsy, our run time was not until 9:45 and that was just enough time to give Bright Pink Cleveland a little bit of an edge. We duct taped our shoes to our feet, tied on some bandanas, and posed for a few photos.  By the time we made it to the starting line the rain had slowed to a drizzle.  We were definitely ready to become a part of #dirtygirlnation!


starting line......nobody's losing these shoes

our race group

lovin' the Bright Pink signage everywhere

For those that haven't run a Dirty Girl race before, there are a few things that make this race unique.
1. The race is not timed.  30 minutes?  60 minutes?  Who cares!!
2. Everyone seems to have a team and a costume.  Since we were running for Bright Pink we, of course, wore.....Bright Pink tees.  There were lots of very cute shirts and costumes.
3. No boys allowed.
4. There's mud.....lots and lots of mud.

Once we started it was clear that it had really really rained a lot last night in and around Cleveland.

The first few steps......
These gigantic mud lakes were not supposed to be here.

Aside from all of the mud, the course was actually really scenic.  Can't believe how nice it was once the weather cleared up.

So then we were on to the obstacles, which were really not that tough.  Just enough to make you feel a little badass, but not enough to make you hurt all over tomorrow.  There was a run-through-the-tires-like-football camp and a big pink inflatable thing that we had to climb.  Then there was a row of bungees that you had to weave yourself through and a net to climb up, over and down.  The net made me think of some type of Survivor challenge, except without the exotic locale.  The first few obstacles were not that muddy and we all thought we were off the hook.......

matrix style bungee jungle

climbing over the net

But then came the mud!  Thankfully I purchased a SURVIVOR case for my iphone and was able to get a bunch of really great photos with muddy hands.  First was the p.m.s. obstacle which was a whole lotta mud that you had to walk through.  Then came the utopia tubes (I think they would be better named fallopian tubes) which you had to crawl through on your hands and knees in the mud.  Think tunnels of mud.  Then there was this net in the mud thing that you had to crawl through on your hands and knees.  I'm not sure how my shirt did not get dirtier......

pms obstacle

big ol' box of mud

net crawl

after the net crawl.....
Again, not sure how I didn't get my shirt all muddy in that stupid net.  We really did try to actually run in between the obstacles but took our good ol' time to pose for a few photos.  We climbed a wall and then an A-Frame net and then a really steep, really muddy hill.  Some of the Bright Pink gals opted to slide down the hill on their butts instead of using the provided rope to climb down. (thanks to a little heckling from a spectator)

yeah, we climbed this.....

Then we ran through some more mud and up another hill and came to the mother of all obstacles...... 

I'm quite sure the look on my face was priceless as my butt slid down and then bounced right into the mud pit. I'm pretty sure that I got some mud in my mouth.  (no norovirus please)  My shirt might have come through on the clean side but not my rear end.  And here we are, or at least part of our original group, in the after photo.  I think we look awesome.

Would I do it again?  Absolutely!!  I really loved the whole "girlfriend" aspect of the race.  We weren't competing against each other, we were competing with each other.  On more than one occasion I heard girls say to one another:  "Are you okay?"  "Do you need help?"  "You can do this!" "You look great!"
Isn't that the whole reason that we have girlfriends in the first place?  To help us feel confident and to guide us and to make us feel like we can conquer the world?  I definitely felt that girlfriend power today.  Thanks dirty girls! Can't wait until next year!


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  1. My daughter ran...I was was loads of fun!


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