Sunday, December 9, 2012

Where do I fit in?

When the kids went to bed tonight, only the outline of the puzzle had been the really cool part about this photo is not that Smarty is putting the puzzle together but that when they went to bed it was not put together at all.  Smarty certainly was a busy elf.  

I actually enjoy putting puzzles together, espescially in the winter.  It allows me to disconnect from the "online world" and just spend time thinking about, well, nothing.  And just like a good book, the ocd in me wants to get it finished the very day that I start it.  The kids, however, will think it is elf magic at it's finest.  I fear that someday they are going to need some real hefty therapy due to Smarty's antics.  I think they actually like Smarty better than Santa :)


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