Wednesday, December 12, 2012


O-ver-load: (o-ver-lohd)
1. verb (used with object)  to load to excess; overburden
2. noun  an excessive load
3. reality a mom 

Hey at least we had this much Halloween candy leftover.........I can't be doing that badly
Much like Smarty's sugar intake this morning, my life has been on overload lately.  I know that you can relate.  I normally work just 2 shifts per week at a local pharmacy.  It's high volume and high stress and non-freaking-stop for eight hours.  However, my manager is on medical leave and asked if I could pick up some extra shifts.  I'm not sure exactly why I said yes.  I guess I think it was to see if I still had "'it."  Most of the time my life is focused on getting the kids up and ready for school or getting them fed, bathed and ready for bed.  In between being their constant entertainment (mommmm, I'm bored....mommmm I'm thirsty.....mommmm play with me) and cooking, cleaning and laundering I'm totally feeling under-appreciated and like, well, a housewife.  Not exactly what I had in mind for myself during those 5 long years of college.  It's NOT that I feel like being a housewife is a terrible thing.  It's just that I miss the old me.  The one who was good at her job and the one who felt gratified by helping others and the one who was a better wife to a husband who works really hard so that I don't have to work 40 hours a week.  I really really miss the old me.  So I've worked a week and half of the extra shifts.  6 measly shifts, only 3 more than normal and I'm sick.  Like, almost have no voice sick.  Coughing and a heavy chest sick.  I had to call off today which I hate to do especially because my husband has the same job as I do and he works for the same company.   So who has to go in at 7am this morning when I'm sick?  My husband and he was less than pleased.  Not because I am sick or that he had to work this morning but because I am stubborn and I have overextended myself again.  As I lay here today coughing and wishing I wasn't sick I realized that at least for now THIS is my job.  This whole get the kids where they need to be (on time if possible) and get the laundry done and cook something that doesn't go in the microwave......this is the job that is the most important of all.  And right now I'm failing miserably.  The only thing it seems I've done right is to make everyone in my house miserable because mom is working so much.  

In case any of you out there are overloaded as well, then band together with me and when you make your New Year's Resolutions, put "say no" at the top of your list.  
Say no to the PTA lady on the phone.  No one can do it all.  
Say no to the extra shifts at work.  It is impossible.  
Say no to multiple playdates at your house.  It can't be done.
You are a good mom.  Keep it that way.

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