Friday, November 30, 2012


I am an absolute Bravo channel junkie.....if they play it on the Bravo channel, I already love it.  My favorite?  The Real Housewives of wherever series.   I even got my husband hooked on the shows (even though he would never in a million years admit it)  Vacation fights, bring it on.  Lavish spending, bring it on.  Crazy bitches, oh yeah, I'm in.  

So I've been dreaming up a way that I could have Smarty the Elf and the Real Housewives exist in the same planet and today it struck me.  It was super nice outside, a feat in itself for Cleveland in November, and my Rosemary bushes are still growing.   So I dressed up some Bratz dolls in winter coats and gave them a felt sticker peppermint to hold onto.  A little fake snow and some jingle bells and viola, the perfect Christmasy scene.  Then I photoshopped the logo from the other series intros and made the photo the screensaver on my computer.  A dollhouse chair and smarty was good to go.  I mean who wouldn't love to see this series.  Fighting in the toy shoppe.  Lavish spending in the candy store.  And a girls getaway to the North Pole spa and you've got yourself a great reality show.  Smarty thinks so too.  He pulled up a chair and purchased the next season from iTunes.   Bet he will sit here all night watching, his eyes glued to the candy cane drama.  Thank goodness the kids were in school all day so I could totally get this prepared.  I feel like this is the best one yet.   

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