Monday, September 24, 2012

Popstar Crush

Remember your first pop-star crush?  Mine was Madonna.  It was back when you would get the cassette tape and open up the insert to read all of the lyrics, back when we used to wait up to watch the music video premiers on MTV.  I used to listen to the "Like a Virgin" album before I knew anything about virgins.  I knew all the words and thought I was super cool singing along to all of the songs.  I thought I had the greatest singing voice EVER.  It's so awesome to see my little girl with her first popstar crush.  Katy Perry.  We've watched the movie "Part of Me" a hundred times and she's discovered the power of youtube where the music videos are on tap 24/7.   Last night she brought down her favorite hair clips and asked if she could mail them to Katy Perry because she wanted to send her a letter and a present.   We put the letter in the mail this morning and in true 2012 fashion I tweeted Katy and included the photo.   I can't imagine how cool I would have felt if I could have tweeted Madonna.  

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