Friday, December 23, 2011

Rules of the Elf........

Just 2 more days of figuring out what in the heck to do with Smarty, the Elf on the Shelf........
I started out after Christmas just taking his picture and putting it on Facebook with a Christmas countdown and then it evolved into this elaborate scene for Smarty every night.  I followed only one rule while creating the world of the elf - don't buy anything extra for Smarty.  For the most part, I used things that I already had in the house.  (I did send my husband out one night to Target for some chocolate covered donuts but don't tell....)   

These kids have a crapload of toys so it was pretty easy to mix and match in order to try and find something to do with the little red guy.   The kids have really enjoyed seeing what our elf does every night and there were only a couple of nights where I was like what in the %$&# am I doing with my life?  So a couple more days and we can pack him back in the closet until next year.  Let's just hope that next year my kids are still wide eyed when they come upstairs and tell me what Smarty's been up to all night.

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