Saturday, December 17, 2011

8 More adventures of Smarty the Elf

I was a little overzealous and started with the elf right after Thanksgiving.  We've had smarty for a couple years now but mostly he just hid every day and the kids would try to find him and they were happy.  BUT this year they are all into Smarty so I had to step up my game.   Both of them have elves in their classrooms at school that "just hide" and they have watched that damn Elf Story movie a hundred times on the DVR.  I found a few photos of some funny ideas on Flickr and pinterest but mostly I have just been rummaging through their toys at night to see what I can come up with.  The KISS dolls are by far my favorite scene but seeing as how the kids have never been to a concert, they didn't quite get it.  I've been posting them every day on my Facebook and that one got the most response.  Apparently I am enjoying this way more than the kids.   

Smarty and his groupies enjoy a KISSmas concert.

Hee hee, I photocopied my butt.

Candy cane spelunking

Use the force Smarty, use the force.

That Smarty is so Zen.

Mr. Smarty is my favorite teacher.

This is a stick up........

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