Friday, December 23, 2011

Rules of the Elf........

Just 2 more days of figuring out what in the heck to do with Smarty, the Elf on the Shelf........
I started out after Christmas just taking his picture and putting it on Facebook with a Christmas countdown and then it evolved into this elaborate scene for Smarty every night.  I followed only one rule while creating the world of the elf - don't buy anything extra for Smarty.  For the most part, I used things that I already had in the house.  (I did send my husband out one night to Target for some chocolate covered donuts but don't tell....)   

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Beach Bum Smarty

Well only a few more days left with Smarty.  Looks like he is enjoying a relaxing evening at the beach...


Super Smarty


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Snowman Soup Tutorial

I was searching around for something cute and inexpensive to do for my neighbors for Christmas.  There are a lot of kids on our street and over the last year or so we've really gotten to know everyone a bit better.  I found a few printables online but didn't quite like the picture or poem so I adjusted it a little and came up with this one.
We are making about 40 of these to take to all of the neighbors with kids and it literally cost me about $12 for everything.  Here are the only supplies that you will need:

hot chocolate packets
candy canes 
hershey's kissses
sandwich bags
a stapler

Obviously you are going to fill the bag with a packet of hot chocolate and then with whatever other goodies you would like.

Then cut the printables and fold them in half.  Place over the top of the sandwich bag and staple.

I think we will deliver them on Friday to everyone.  The kids have enjoyed making them and it is a nice gesture without spending a bunch of money.  You can download the pdf file here for free.  Enjoy!


Hacking your Elf

So I found this awesome tutorial at that shows you how to make your elf really bendy.  It is super easy to do (I completed the whole thing in about 15 minutes) and it makes your elf do cool stuff like this.......

I cut a marshmallow in half and stuck the pieces on his ears then tied some white string together to make it look like headphones.  A lollipop stick and two hostess donuts provided the "weights" and with a little bending action from the arms and legs I was able to get him to look super cool.  I rock.

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

8 More adventures of Smarty the Elf

I was a little overzealous and started with the elf right after Thanksgiving.  We've had smarty for a couple years now but mostly he just hid every day and the kids would try to find him and they were happy.  BUT this year they are all into Smarty so I had to step up my game.   Both of them have elves in their classrooms at school that "just hide" and they have watched that damn Elf Story movie a hundred times on the DVR.  I found a few photos of some funny ideas on Flickr and pinterest but mostly I have just been rummaging through their toys at night to see what I can come up with.  The KISS dolls are by far my favorite scene but seeing as how the kids have never been to a concert, they didn't quite get it.  I've been posting them every day on my Facebook and that one got the most response.  Apparently I am enjoying this way more than the kids.   

Smarty and his groupies enjoy a KISSmas concert.

Hee hee, I photocopied my butt.

Candy cane spelunking

Use the force Smarty, use the force.

That Smarty is so Zen.

Mr. Smarty is my favorite teacher.

This is a stick up........


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The ORIGINAL Adventures of Smarty the Elf

Here are 18 ideas that you can easily use to introduce an Elf into your home.  

We introduced our Elf on the Shelf, Smarty, in 2010.  My kids were 3 and 4 years old at the time.  On the first year we just hid him in different places but then in 2011 I began to start putting Smarty in little scenes in the house.  The following are the first photos from Smarty the Elf's original antics.  These are super easy scenes to do especially for little kids.  It's fun to use things that you already have around the house in order to showcase your elf.  My photography skills and Elf ideas have gotten a little better since we began this tradition.  I hope you enjoy!

 Smarty reading his elf on the shelf book.  Totally lame but a good entry point.

Hiding behind the photos.  The kids were convinced that Smarty would not recognize them because they had grown so much from last year.  They were happy to see that he was on their picture.

  Smarty roasts some marshmallows.  

After an intense day of lego building, Smarty made his own lego Christmas tree for the kids.  

Baby it's not cold outside......

Smarty sleeps in the dollhouse bed and look there is an extra hat in the closet.

Chloe bought me this "mom rocks" mug from her snowflake shop at school and the next day Smarty was hanging out inside waiting for his hot chocolate.

Crusin' with Barbie in her bug

It's football Sunday!!  Smarty bleeds black and gold....

Chutes and ladders with his Sunnyside pals.

Tree topper Tink and Smarty have got somethin' going on....

Wasn't me....

The Smarty Express

I thought I heard someone playing blue christmas in the middle of the night.

Quick save the cat it's stuck in the........tree

Making snowflakes

Just hanging out

Smarty has to write his name 4 times before he is allowed to play lego batman....just like someone else I know

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